“Clinical exome sequencing in neurology practice” by Naomichi Matsumoto, Professor of Graduate School of Medicine, is published in Nature Reviews Neurology

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Date: 04 Nov 2014


Nature Reviews Neurology “News and Views”, published in the December issue (volume 10, issue 12)

Genetics: Clinical exome sequencing in neurology practice
Satoko Miyatake & Naomichi Matsumoto
Published online: 04 November 2014 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2014.213
Clinical exome sequencing (CES) is becoming a standard tool for molecular diagnosis of genetic disorders, with a diagnostic yield of approximately 25%. New studies demonstrate the favourable diagnostic yield of CES for both early-onset and adult-onset neurogenetic disorders. These studies demonstrate the strengths, limitations and potential of CES in neurology practice.


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