Voices of YCU SSP 2015 Participants

In 2015, the program was organized by Graduate School of International Management, and thirteen students from three cooperating universities in Asia joined in this program.

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Voice of Participants in SSP 2015

[International Students]
● This program prepared me in working with people from different cultures by teaching me how to go about respecting other cultures.
● The program triggered my curiosity in Japan and the Japanese culture.
● I felt that Japan was a very beautiful country. I learned a lot about Japanese culture through interactions with the Japanese people, and the various knowledge acquired from this program broadened my perspective on global issues.
● I enjoyed spending quality time with the Japanese students, and the level at which elements such as traffic systems and recycling are managed in the Japanese society is simply amazing.
● I was able to make friends with people from different countries.
● I was deeply impressed with the hardworking spirit of Japanese people.
● This program gave me the chance to meet people from different backgrounds. Their opinions and advice were very valuable.
● The kind and friendly staff was the perfect representation of "Omotenashi". YCU students were also very friendly.

[YCU Students]
● Presentations on the home countries of international students were very intriguing.
● Despite the hardships, group discussions with international students gave me a sense of achievement.
● I learned that international students were not only fluent in English, but also possessed their own perspectives on social issues.
● International students were remarkably intelligent, and watching them efficiently prepare PowerPoint slides and quickly responding to questions stimulated me.
● The program gave me an opportunity to gain insight into numerous fascinating views.
● Interacting with students from other countries was very stimulating.
● I was able to learn diverse ideas from international students.
● The program made me want to improve my English skills, as I felt that my proficiency was inadequate.



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