YCU Science Summer Program 2015

In 2015, the program was organized by Graduate School of International Management, and thirteen students from three cooperating universities in Asia joined in this program.

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【DAY 3 (July 16, 2015)】

Workshop and Session (Kanazawa Hakkei Campus)

Company Visit (Head Office and Yokohama Plant of NHK SPRING Co., Ltd.)

■ Achievement 1: Workshop

Dr. Reuben Mondejar (Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong)
Dr. Chris Chu (University of Surrey, UK)
Dr. Jun Onishi (Professor, Graduate School of International Management, YCU)

Each of the seven groups formed on Day 2 (A through G) decided on the group name and country to pick up for their final presentation, and began preparing for the presentation.

[Group A: KONNICHIWA!] Japan & Malaysia
[Group B: Bingo] Japan & Singapore
[Group C: Cherry] China & Japan
[Group D: Sakura] Philippines & Japan
[Group E: Team Kengo] CAMBODIA & JAPAN
[Group F: THE VERSTYLE] Japan & Pakistan
[Group G: Tai Ji] Japan & South Korea

■ Science Session 3: Bio-Technology Innovation: iPS Cell Development in Japan

Dr. Shoen Kume
(Professor, Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Dr. Fumiaki Yasukawa (Professor, Graduate School of International Management, YCU)

After introducing himself, Dr. Kume used slides to explain the developmental process of an organism, starting from the ovum stage to the organogenesis stage through cleavage. Then, she moved on to the basic concept of cloning technology while explaining key terms such as iPS cells, ES cells, and stem cells, as well as details of the Nobel Prize winning research of Dr. Shinya Yamanaka who is a professor of Kyoto University.

Dr. Kume closed the lecture with the topic of regenerative medicine, explaining applications of ES and iPS cells, roadmap of regenerative medicine shown by the Japanese government, and so on.

After the lecture, questions mostly concerning cloning technology and bioethical issues in using such technology were asked by international students and faculty members.

■ Company Visit: Global Strategy and Ecosystem Management at NHK SPRING Co., Ltd

Dr. Fumiaki Yasukawa (Professor, Graduate School of International Management, YCU)
Dr. Takashi Yoshinaga (Associate Professor, Graduate School of International Management, YCU)

In the afternoon, a total of 32 international students, YCU students, and faculty members gathered to visit the Head Office and Yokohama Plant of NHK Spring Co., Ltd., which is located in the Kanazawa Ward of Yokohama City.

We were first given a plant tour focusing on the product line of car seats. Once the tour was over, we all moved to a seminar room where we received a lecture on the company's global strategies including introduction of overseas bases. Some international students were excited to find out that the company also had a base at their country.

At the end of the tour, participants took a group photo at the entrance hall of the Head Office in memory of the visit.



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