YCU Science Summer Program 2015

In 2015, the program was organized by Graduate School of International Management, and thirteen students from three cooperating universities in Asia joined in this program.

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【DAY 2 (July 15, 2015)】

Opening Remarks and Sessions (Kanazawa Hakkei Campus)

The day started at 9:30, with Opening Remarks from Dr. Kimio Okada, Vice President of Yokohama City University, where he welcomed students and faculty members participating from overseas.

The opening speech was followed with an introduction of Yokohama City University by a YCU student, and then introductions from participating students.

Led by Mr. Hirai, Manager of International Exchange of the International Affairs Division, the group departed from the Seagull Center, which was the site of the program, made its way pass the clock tower, gingko-lined street and general-purpose gymnasium, and toured the main school building housing the International Affairs Division office.

■ Science Session 1: Trends of Service Science in Japan

Lecturer: Dr. Akira Kamoshida (Professor, Graduate School of International Management, YCU)

After introducing himself, Dr. Kamoshida gave a lecture on the concept of service science. International students were seen nodding deeply and taking notes while Dr. Kamoshida flipped through slides explaining the Japanese-style "Omotenashi (hospitality)" service.
Japanese-style inns and bullet trains were brought up as examples of the "Omotenashi" service. When Dr. Kamoshida explained that Japanese bullet trains are punctual and has never caused any serious incidents, international students responded with amazement.

In the Q&A session following the one-hour lecture, a student from Sunway University and then Dr. Chris Chu from the University of Surrey asked about the employee satisfaction level at Japanese companies, indicating the strong interest held by both international students and faculty members regarding the Japanese employment system and way of working.

■ Science Session 2: Trends and Challenges of Politics and Economy in Asian Countries

Lecturer: Dr. Reuben Mondejar (Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong)
Assistant: Dr. Chris Chu (University of Surrey, UK)
Moderator: Dr. Jun Onishi (Professor, Graduate School of International Management, YCU)

After introducing himself, Dr. Mondejar showed photos and illustrations of an elephant, lion, tiger and the like. He then followed by revealing that the pictures were actually trompe l'oeil, and emphasized the danger of assumptions influencing the way we see things.
Moving on to the topic of, "Strategic way of behavior and comparative value", he made a comparison between the Asian and Western cultures, and pointed out that the Asian culture holds the concept of "shame" at its center, whereas "sin" is at the center of the Western culture.

■ Reply to Dr. Reuben Mondejar and Group Discussion

After the end of Science Session 2, participants were divided into groups to give presentations on the final day (Friday, July 18). Dr. Onishi, Program Coordinator, instructed each group to choose one country, and give a presentation addressing the comparison between Japan and the country from the viewpoint of globalization.



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