YCU Science Summer Program 2014

In 2014, the program was organized by Graduate School of Medical Life Science, and twelve students from five cooperating universities in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, and USA joined in this program.

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Opening Remarks

After opening remarks by the Director of the Department of Medical Life Science, Akinori Kidera, and the program organizer, Jeremy Tame, the students introduced themselves.

There were students from very different backgrounds but they were all clearly excited to be in Yokohama and already enjoying their time in Japan. After a tour of the facility, including the X-ray crystallography and NMR spectrometers, the lectures began after lunch.

Lecture No.1: Nature’s Amazing Robots

Prof. Jeremy Tame spoke about the fundamentals of proteins, and some history of protein science.

Now using gene technology, we can now produce all sorts of proteins very easily, and even design our own. Now we are learning how to make our own novel proteins which have the properties we want.

Lecture No.2: Computer simulations of molecular nanomachines at work

Prof. Akinori Kidera spoke about the incredible power of modern computers, and how simulations are now able to model in minute detail the working of the human heart by solving the equations of hydrodynamics for millions of tiny elements.

He showed a video of the model heart beating, and the flows of blood in and out. Now the super-computers such as Kei, based in Kobe, are being used to observe the behaviour of proteins in atomic detail over longer and longer time-scales.


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