YCU Science Summer Program 2013

The fusion of different disciplines of life, material and medical sciences creates the innovative prospects

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Fourth Day—August 22 (Thursday)

Lecture No. 7 — “Red or White? - The Color of Nanobiotechnology”

Shigeru Deguchi, Adjunct Professor, YCU, and Team Leader, Soft Matter and Extremophiles Research Team, Institute of Biogeosciences, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

 The lecturer, who has received many awards from around the world in his research field and directs the research of YCU graduate students as an adjunct professor, spoke of the excitement of researching the points where nanotechnology and biotechnology intersect. The lecture on such an intelligent subject was so strangely absorbing that it was over before the students realized it.

Lecture No. 8 — “Origins, History and Future of Life on the Earth”

Tairo Oshima, Director of the Institute of Environmental Microbiology, Kyowa Kako Co., Ltd.

“Congratulations to the YCU Science Summer Program for Arriving at the First Private Corporate Laboratory”
 Dr. Tairo Oshima, who has made major contributions to the development of biochemistry in Japan, serves as the director of the Institute of Environmental Microbiology, where he researches the breakdown of waste matter by microorganisms. The Institute’s vision even extends to space stations. The students were able to hear interesting stories from a biochemist with a dream about using heat-resistant bacteria, a special type of microorganism, to explain the origin and evolution of life as well as the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Practical Class No. 5 — Facility Tour and Discussion with researchers

 The students were given explanations and demonstrations of the breakdown of waste matter and genetic analysis using microorganisms, which gave them an understanding of the substance of the research being performed at the corporation’s laboratory. It was a valuable lesson in career building for the students.

 The company unexpectedly provided a friendly exchange event at the end of the tour, where students could speak directly with researchers working on the company’s front lines. The event is sure to be a lasting memory.