YCU Science Summer Program 2013

The fusion of different disciplines of life, material and medical sciences creates the innovative prospects

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Second Day—August 20 (Tuesday)

Lecture No. 3 — “Oligosaccharide is the third chain to regulate cell function”

Yasuhiro Ozeki, Professor, Graduate School of Nanobioscience

 Glycans are gaining attention for their key role in creating blood types, in development and regeneration, and in diseases. Professor Yasuhiro Ozeki gave a lecture on the relationship between glycans and regeneration that was discovered with technology and research methods developed by Japanese researchers.

Lecture No. 4 — “DNA Adductomics”

Robert Kanaly, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Nanobioscience

 Environmental pollutants that are ingested as toxins can bind with our DNA, causing damage and mutations. Dr. Robert Kanaly, who developed a DNA adductomic approach to identify all damaged DNA, spoke about the threat of chemical substances around us.

Practical Class No. 3 — Statistical analysis of earthquakes

Ahyi Kim, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Nanobioscience

 Dr. Ahyi Kim spoke about the mechanisms that cause earthquakes to happen around the world and introduced the importance of the simulation technology, which is being led by Japan. After Dr. Kim’s talk, the students practiced predicting the frequency of earthquakes using computers.

 This class was a good opportunity for overseas and YCU students to communicate together about the operation of the simulation equipment. Both the lecturer and the students battled the heat in the midst of a heat wave in the poorly air-conditioned classroom. The perseverance of all will be long remembered.