Science Summer Program 2012 - Fifth Day

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Fifth Day—August 17 (Friday)

Lecture 11: Toward the Innovation of Life and Environmental Sciences in Asia and Europe

Yasuhiro Ozeki (Ph.D.), Prof., Graduate School of Nanobioscience, YCU

At the end of the program, Professor Yasuhiro Ozeki—the general supervisor of this summer program—lectured on the type of research-oriented mind that young students and graduate students in Japan and around the world are expected to have, and discussed the role of life science research.

Using the glycobiology that he is researching as an example, Dr. Ozeki discussed how modern science is fusing and globalizing and how in the midst of this, the uniqueness of each country is also important. Explaining the disposition of a Nobel Prize-level researcher, Dr. Ozeki discussed the importance of scientific serendipity (the ability to make important discoveries by chance).

YCU SSP 2012 Workshop

After all of the lectures and training sessions had ended, the program participants held a workshop that included presentations by each person and exchanges of opinion.

Workshop Description
With support from the chairman of the Institute of Natural Science, the dean of the International College of Arts and Sciences, and employees of the Global Cooperation Institute for Sustainable Cities, the students and graduate students presented the results of their studies and topics that were relevant to their respective countries. YCU students also posed many questions and made their presence felt.

Closing Ceremony

At the closing ceremony, Yokohama City University President Tsutomu Fuse gave the students some words of encouragement, and certificates of completion were presented to both the overseas students and the university’s students.