Science Summer Program 2012 - First Day

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First Day—August 13 (Monday)

Opening Remarks

The opening ceremony for the summer program took place in the meeting room on the sixth floor of the YCU Medical Center. After opening remarks by program general supervisor Yasuhiro Ozeki, who is a professor in the Graduate School of Nanobioscience, Yokohama City University, the students introduced themselves, including their countries and areas of expertise. As the program participants got to know each other, the atmosphere gradually became more relaxed. The opening ceremony helped them understand the purpose of the program.

Lecture 1: What We Should Know from Great Disaster Happened in the World -The Medical Action Report of Yokohama City University in the Tohoku Earthquake 2011-

Kyota Nakamura (M.D., Ph.D.), Assoc. Prof., Graduate School of Medicine; Vice Chairperson, Advanced Critical Care and Emergency Center, YCU Medical Center

Dr. Kyota Nakamura, Vice Chairperson of the Advanced Critical Care and Emergency Center—which provides medical assistance to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake—talked about revolutions in lifesaving technology and problems encountered in disaster zones.

After Dr. Nakamura’s passionate and informative presentation, members of the Advanced Critical Care and Emergency Center staff gave the students a behind-the-scenes tour of a treatment room and rides in ambulances and rapid response vehicles. The students were allowed to try on protective masks and special protective clothing. These experiences, unusual even in hospitals, helped to raise the students’ interest in disaster prevention. In the end, program participants looked out over the entirety of the Yokohama metropolis from the rooftop helipad and understood the university hospital’s mission to protect the health of Yokohama City residents.

Lecture 2: Infectious Diseases and J-GRID: What drugs and technologies are urgently needed?

Yoshiko Okamoto (Ph.D.), Chief, Center of Research Network for Infectious Diseases, RIKEN

At the Tsurumi Campus, Dr. Yoshiko Okamoto of Riken gave a lecture on ongoing research into creating drugs that can eradicate emerging infectious diseases.

Even now, many infectious diseases in tropical countries have no established treatment methods. The students learned about the technologies needed to develop new drugs to eradicate these diseases. Students from Southeast Asia were particularly interested in this topic, which was clear from the way they actively asked questions to deepen their understanding.

Lecture 3: Life Science Accelerator

Yuki Hasegawa (Ph.D.), Researcher, LSA Technology Development Unit, Riken Omics Science Center, RIKEN

Dr. Yuki Hasegawa, who is a Riken researcher and a visiting instructor at Yokohama City University, talked about “omics” research, which will be an essential facet of the life sciences in the twenty-first century. Dr. Hasegawa also introduced international research projects being conducted at the Riken Yokohama Institute.

At the transcriptome research facility—where the products of gene translation undergo comprehensive analysis—students were able to view cutting-edge devices that have been automated and incorporated into the life science accelerator. They were also able to view the “DNA encyclopedia” established by RIKEN.