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Course NameMulticultural Seminar (Comparing Education in the World)
InstructorShimauchi, Sae
MajorMulticultural Seminar
Course goals1. Students will be able to understand global educational issues and analyze them from a comparative point of view. 2. Students will acquire basic skills in English such as giving and supporting their opinion and presenting their findings in an organized manner.
Course outlineThis course aims to introduce issues in the field of international and comparative education. The course pays particular attention to different backgrounds of society and culture in the context of education in Japan and other countries. As they are give
Evaluation Scale and Policies- Attendance (10%) - Participation (40%): understanding of prep-reading materials and contribution to a class discussion) - Group Presentation (30%): preparation, structure, delivery, analysis, reference and originality - Final In-Class Essay exam (20
PrerequisitesThis class will be entirely conducted in English. Students will be highly encouraged to participate in discussion and exchange their opinions to develop their communication skill. Grades will be decided heavily on students' contribution to discussions and group presentations.
Texts, materials, and suppliesAssigned reading materials relating to topics are to be read prior to class.
RemarkStudents who fail to attend and who are late more than three classes will not be allowed to take a final exam without reliable evidence of extraneous circumstances. 前提科目:Practical English
Course Schedule/PlanWeek1: Class Introduction
Theories and Methods of Comparative Education
Week 2: Internationalization of Higher Education
National and Global Impact, Academic Drift of University
Ranking and Global Competition
Week 3: Gender and Education
Gendered Approaches to Empowerment and Quality
Educational Outcome
Week 4: Guest Speaker session #1
Lecture and Discussion
Week 5: Shadow Education
Fanatic Educational Fever and Private Supplementary
Week 6: Language Education
Literacy, Multilingual Education, Foreign Language Learning
and EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction)
Week 7: Guest Speaker Session #2
 Lecture and Discussion
Week 8: Studying Abroad
Mobilizing Communities for Educational Quality and
Week 9: Educational Development
Fostering Development through Opportunity, Inclusion and
Week 10: Presentation Design
Week 11: Guest Speaker Session #3
 Lecture and Discussion
Week 12: Global and International Education
What is Global Citizenship Education and Why is it
Week 13: Group Presentation (Group 1 & 2)
Week 14: Group Presentation (Group 3 & 4)
Week 15: Final Essay Exam and Course Wrap-up