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Course NameJapanese Literature in English A
InstructorKawamura, Satofumi
MajorMajor Subjects
Course goalsThe courses of "Japanese Literature in English A" and "B" will explore the relationship between culture and politics through the analysis of Japanese literary works. In the first semester, we will focus on contemporary literary works in Japan, and students are expected to understand the approach of analysing the aforementioned thereby.
Course outlinePolitics and culture are generally divided into different fields. If we see that a cultural activity is subject to politics, most of us cannot help feeling that the activity is contaminated. However, if we look at contemporary cultural issues more cautiously, it is not so difficult to understand that someone's interpretation of culture is easily subject to his/her political and economical conditions. For example, even if we read the same novels or magazines, or see the same programs, each of us will receive different impressions and make a different interpretation. These differences are majorly caused by the difference of political and economical conditions of us. However, the dominant discourses on the interpretations will be formed nevertheless. By looking at contemporary literary works in Japan, including Mangas (マンガ), Light Novels (ライトノベル), Magazines, or Cinemas, this course will examine how the materials so-called "Japanese culture" has been received and the dominant discourses will be formed after all.
Evaluation Scale and PoliciesGrades will be based on class attendance and a final exam.
PrerequisitesClass attendance and active participation are required
Texts, materials, and supplies
Course Schedule/PlanWeek 1: Introduction
Week 2: Concept of Representation 1
Week 3: Concept of Representation 2
Week 4: Concept of Representation 3
Week 5: Concept of Representation 4
Week 6: Concept of Representation 4
Week 7: Encoding and Decoding 1
Week 8: Encoding and Decoding 2
Week 9: Encoding and Decoding 3
Week 10: Discourse of Nihonjin-ron
Week 11 Techno Orientalism
Week 12: The Emergence of Otaku
Week 13: Globalisation and Japanese Culture 2
Week 14: What is "Light Novel"?
Week 15: Review and Final Discussion