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Course NameJapanese Literature in English B
InstructorKawamura, Satofumi
MajorMajor Subjects
Course goalsThe courses of "Japanese Literature in English A" and "B" will explore the relationship between culture and politics by analysing Japanese literary works. In the second semester, students are expected to understand the aforementioned relationship focusing on modern literary works in Japan.
Course outlinePolitics and culture are generally divided into different fields. If we see that a cultural activity is subject to politics, most of us cannot help feeling that the activity is contaminated. However, if we look at history more cautiously, it is not be so difficult to understand that culture has been mobilised for establishing a political discourse and forming political subjectivity. For example, the glorification of Japanese authentic culture by the scholars of "National Learning" (国学) contributed to making the individuals who lived in "Japan" have the strong consciousness of the identity of "Japanese nation". By looking at modern literary works in Japan, this course will examine how the concept of Japanese culture has been discussed and appropriated to let a particular political discourse attain its hegemony.
Evaluation Scale and PoliciesGrade will be based on class attendance and a final exam
PrerequisitesClass attendance and active participation are required
Texts, materials, and supplies
Course Schedule/PlanWeek 1: Introduction
Week 2: Mito School and Its Influence 1: Aizawa Seihisai
Week 3: Mito School and Its Influence 2: Yoshida Shoin
Week 4: National Learning 1: Motoori Norinaga
Week 5: National Learning 2: Hirata Atsutane
Week 6: Meiji and the Unification of Written and Spoken Language (言文一致)
Week 7: Taisho Democracy and Japanese Literary Works
Week 8: Symposium of Overcoming Modernity(近代の超克)
Week 9: Marxism
Week 10: Japan Romantic Group 1(日本浪漫派)
Week 11: Japan Romantic Group 2
Week 12: Kyoto School 1(京都学派): Nishida Kitaro
Week 13: Kyoto School 2
Week 14: Kyoto School 3
Week 15: Review and Final Discussion