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Course NameUnderstanding American and British Culture Aa
InstructorLidgley, Michael
MajorLiberal Arts Core Subjects
Course goalsThis course is a content-based communicative class that introduces British Culture through a geographical, historical and sociocultural "tour" of the British Isles ? England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We will visit various people, cultural objects and places in order to gain an insight and understanding into the state of many social and cultural aspects of Britain today, and how and why these have developed in the ways that they have.
Course outlineWe shall start by visiting some of the World Heritage Sites of the British Isles, beginning with the oldest stone houses in northern Europe, built in 3000 BC. From there we pass through Celtic, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Norman-French Britain and arrive in the world of Shakespeare and Elizabeth I in the 16th century. We then meet important and influential people of each succeeding century up to our own, the 21st. The people we meet are royalty, peasants, writers, artists, explorers, poets, politicians, singers, activists and actors.
Students are expected to complete weekly research-based homework, and to maintain a portfolio of materials, which will be assessed at the end of the course. Weekly class work and homework will include note-taking, discussions, presentations, reading and writing reaction papers. Class materials include articles, photographs, maps, music and video clips.
Evaluation Scale and PoliciesThere is no textbook. Hand-outs will be provided by the teacher. All materials will be kept in the students´┐Żf files and form part of the final assessment. Assessment will include student presentations and a final test. Attendance and active participation form an essential part of the course.
PrerequisitesWeekly attendance and active participation are required by all students.
Texts, materials, and suppliesNo textbook. Handouts provided by teacher. Students need internet access for homework and a notebook for class and homework.
Course Schedule/PlanWeek 1 Introductions explanation of assessment. Prehistoric Britain
April 10th
Week 2 The Celts, King Arthur & the Druids. The Romans. Boudicca
April 17th
Week 3 The Vikings. Anglo-Saxon Britain. The story of English. Beowulf
April 24th
Week 4 The Norman French. Magna Carta. Peasants Revolt. Wat Tyler
May 1st
Week 5 The Welsh, Scottish and Irish wars of independence and conquest
May 8th
Week 6 The Elizabethans ? Shakespeare, Drake, James I, Guy Fawkes
May 15th
Week 7 Rule Britannia. Sea power, the Atlantic Slave Trade
May 22nd
Week 8 17th century ? Cromwell, Newton, Pepys. Colonisation
June 5th
Week 9 18th century ? Captain Cook, Blake, Hogarth, Burns, Austin,
SwiftJune 12th
Week 10 19th century ? Wilberforce, Dickens, Kipling, Darwin, Shelley
June 19th
Week 11 20th century ? Garrett Anderson, Annie Besant, Pankhurst, Churchill
June 26th
Week 12 21st century ? Multicultural Britain. Chakrabarti, Kohli, Zephaniah
July 3rd
Week 13 Final presentations
July 10th
Week 14 Final presentations
July 17th
Week 15 Final assessment test
July 24th