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Course NameSolid-State Material Science II
InstructorMicheletto, Ruggero
MajorMajor Subjects
Course goals
Course outlineIn this course we introduce the basics of Thermodynamics. We use a simple approach focused on understanding, using an historical perspective and trying to show practical explanations of everyday effects of thermodynamics. The course ends with the natural evolution of thermodynamics, the birth of Quantum Mechanics.
Evaluation Scale and PoliciesFinal Exam
Texts, materials, and suppliesPhotocopies of course will be distributed in class.
This course is based on this textbook:
Feynman – Leighton – Sands, “Lectures on Physics”, Vol. 1, Ch. 40-46
(Also, an original textbook for YCU students is available on line at this address:
Copyrights 2013, R. Micheletto and A. Tosaka)
Course Schedule/PlanContents:
1.Historical introduction to thermodynamics, what is it ? Ideal Gas Law
2.Carnot Cycles, the P-V graph. Isothermal, Adiabatic
3.The Boltzmann distribution
4.Boltzmann distribution of Air pressure, why air gets thinner at higher altitude
5.Intermolecular potentials, connection with distributions
6.The Maxwell distribution, distribution of velocities
7.The Brownian motion
8.The Kinetic theory, thermal noises
9.Diffusion and drift. Einstein equation
10.Classical blackbody radiation (Rayleigh)
11.Planck distribution, the first quantum mechanics equation
12.Standing waves and the guitar equivalent (energy is quantized)
13.The reasons for quantum mechanics: Rydberg formula, Rutherford experiment
14.The reasons for quantum mechanics: Einstein photoelectric effect, Bohr atom.