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On November 25th Professor Dr. John Leslie presented "Scientific Writing Workshop" at Kanazawa Hakkei campus.

He is a phytopathologist belonging to Kansas State University. The topic of his presentation was how and what processing is necessary to publish in an international science journal and how to do slides with quality. More than 70 students and teachers were present and the classroom was overcapacity.

The presentation explained the importance of compact sentences and ordering the ideas when writing an article. In a presentation it is necessary to observe some points such as use of fonts, the number of lines, and using laser pointer with the slide presentation, but the more important advice is always being relaxed.

He explained the basic rules when writing articles, the current method of submission, guidelines, and what are the criteria used by the editor and reviewers.

In addition, he explained what to do when the scientific paper is rejected.

This workshop had excellent content, since most students are preparing their articles. All participants were serious, although the presentation was always in jest, which made the presentation more enjoyable.

There were many questions from students all of which were answered by Professor Leslie quietly. According to a questionnaire, most of the participants were participating for the first time in a workshop with this theme and Professor Leslie's lecture was very beneficial for them.