Global Cooperation Institute for Sustainable Cities (GCI)



The International Academic Consortium for Sustainable Cities (IACSC) was established in September 2009 with an initiative of the Yokohama City University (YCU). It was originated from a meeting session entitled “Cities and Universities – Towards Collaboration for Sustainable Cities” during the conference of CITYNET, Yokohama on September 9, 2009, in which YCU served as a coordinator.


The IACSC aims to develop cooperation, to foster dialogues and discussions, to encourage sharing of information and resources and to promote research and collaborative activities among academic and research institutions as well as to strengthen relationship among universities and cities to contribute to a sustainable society.  


There are three main units (environment unit, urban planning unit and public health unit) within the IACSC to achieve its goal.


Brief History

  • Aug. 2010: The 1st General Assembly

 With reference to the core principles of the Eco2 initiative, the framework of the IACSC charter and the Consortium’s future activities were developed through member discussions.


  • Oct. 2010: Memorandum of Understanding between IACSC and the World Bank

 Ms. Inger Andersen, Deputy President of the World Bank, and Professor Tsutomu Fuse, President of Yokohama City University, representing IACSC, concluded the MoU at the 1st Eco2 Conference in Yokohama.


  • Sep. 2011: The 2nd General Assembly & Symposium

 The 2nd IACSC Meeting, “Towards a Sustainable Future: A Collaboration of Higher Education Institution and Local Society”, was hosted by Universiti Sains Malaysiain Penang, Malaysia.


  • Sep. 2012:  The 3rd General Assembly & Symposium

 The 3rd IACSC Meeting, ‘Reimagining Sustainable Cities’, was hosted by Thammasat University, Thailand.


  • Sep. 2013:  The 4th General Assembly & Symposium

 The 4th IACSC Meeting, ‘Transforming Cities into Sustainable and Resilient Communities’, was hosted by University of the Philippines.


  • Sep. 2014:  The 5th General Assembly & Symposium

 The 5th IACSC Meeting, ‘Opportunities and Challenges for Urban Sustainable Development’, was hosted by University of Social Sciences and Humanities- Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam National University.


  • Sep. 2015:  The 6th General Assembly & Symposium

 The 6th IACSC Meeting, ‘Global Partnership and Local Initiatives for Sustainable Cities”, was hosted by Yokohama City University, Japan.


  • Sep. 2016:  The 6th General Assembly & Symposium

 The 7th IACSC Meeting, “Prosperous Urban Living” was hosted by Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang, Malaysia.